Welcome to Sportika360

Published by Richard K. White Jr. on Oct 10, 2019

Welcome - This new website has been in the making for over 28 years.  It is the work and passion of every employee, friend, customer, and vendor that has passed through our doors since our very first days as a company. 

In an effort to adjust to the current business climate, we took a step back, looked at ourselves and asked, how can we adjust the business and provide more value to our brands and customers?   We asked key players from all areas and received great feedback on our strengths and weaknesses.  We challenged ourselves to address the weak points without compromising the things we already do well.   The result of these adjustments is SPORTIKA360.  This new website will bring more information and intelligence to our customers.  It will include a blog that will contain articles from some of the most respected people around the globe, focusing on the Sports Nutrition Industry and their specific markets.   It will provide additional information on each brand as well as topics such as new brands, raw materials, regulations, product launches and more.  It will also supply links to various web sites that will help our clients understand the global landscape.   We want to be the world’s go-to site for anything related to Sports Nutrition on the wholesale level. 

We will continue to build and improve this site each and every day.  More useful information and analytics, polls from around the world, and much more.  We have plenty of ideas all revolving around ways to help brands make smarter decisions and giving them a better chance of success when going global.  Each brand will be viewed by a continuously growing network of over 400 validated wholesalers across 100+ countries.   

We will never stop doing what we do best, which is selling products, but we will continue to increase the added value for our customers.  Welcome to the new SPORTIKA360.


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Richard White

Sportika Export Inc., CEO