Frequently Asked Questions

How is SPORTIKA360 different than SPORTIKA?

SPORTIKA360 is a web based portal for every retailer or reseller in the world to visit and get the latest information on the Global Sport Nutrition industry.  Along with business intelligence, customers have the chance to order through if the brand chooses to.  Valuable content will be available on a monthly basis.


Who are the contributing writers?

We have aligned with industry veterans to write on a variety of topics.  The people range from US consultants, to magazine publishers, to brand owners.   All provide a wealth of knowledge that will be available to the reader.


Is there any criteria for a brand to get listed?

Other than confirmation the brand is selling products that end up in consumers' hands, there are no requirements. SPORTIKA360 does reserve the rights to not take just any brand, but will not unreasonably hold a brand from being listed.




Is it going to be just American companies?

No. We’d like to get brands from every country to get listed. There will be a geographically defined list for each country.  We want this web site to be the industry's one-stop site for global information. It will be very educational.


Who will be the readers and subscribers?

We will target any retailer or wholesaler around the globe.  Our goal is to have a place where resellers can get information on brands, what they are about, the products they offer, and where they are located.  In addition to this, there will be information on tradeshows taking place, specials, and new product launches. The reader can continuously keep up with what is happening in the industry. Listed brands can be sure that the world has the latest news from their company.