Joshua Schall

Joshua Schall, MBA is a digital-first Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Strategist and Entrepreneur that focuses on the emerging and intersecting categories of value-added (or functional) food, beverage, beauty, personal care, and nutritional supplements.



Eric Schwartz

I've been in the supplement business for 11 years working for Universal Nutrition (Animal). Currently, I am the Director of Consumer Engagement, which means anything that touches consumers from shipping to customer issues, trade shows, etc. I am responsible for the "customer journey". Prior to that for most of my time here I was Brand Manager. I am a competitive powerlifter and a former competitive bodybuilder. Like most employees here we walk the walk. As far as my education background, I have a B.S. degree in Marketing/Management. 



Yawen "Zora" Luan

Zora was born and raised in China and has over six years of experience in Sports Nutrition and Functional Food sales, with a focus on Asian markets.  She co-founded Tiger Social, a digital marketing agency specializing in Chinese social media platforms.  She was also a contributor to the top Chinese fitness magazine Beauty and Fitness 健与美.



Rick Collins

Rick is the “go-to” lawyer whose law firm has represented dietary supplement marketers and sport nutrition brands for over 20 years.  He serves as Legal Counsel to the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) and hosts the website:




Richard K. White Jr.

Richard K. White Jr. is the founder and CEO of Sportika Export.  He began selling sport nutrition products globally in 1990 and grew Sportika to be the world's largest and most respected Sports Nutrition Export company in the world.  His experience ranges from the acquisition of raw materials all the way to delivering a finished consumer packaged goods.  He has worked with companies such as GNC and Walmart on a global level.  His knowledge of the industry is only surpassed by his passion.



Sander Donker

Sander's background is in business economics.  He's held several managerial positions age 30 before taking a position in the industry with Nutriworld in Holland.  After leaving there, he partnered up with another European distributor, Prometeus.  For the last few years, he has worked as an independent agent/broker in sports nutrition and clothing.



Terry Frendo

Terry's career began in publishing at age 22, as the Ad Manager for MuscleMag International and Oxygen magazines. In 2005, Terry branched out with his own publishing endeavor and launched Inside Fitness Magazine.  The publication quickly sky-rocketed to become Canada's #1 fitness publication and still lays claim to this title today.  He is considered one of Canada's most respected and recognized fitness personalities.

Jay Sitlani

Jay Sitlani, founder and CEO of Crash Boom Bang has previously been associated with the nutrition industry in India over the last 7 years.  His roles over this period have included a variety of tasks from handling retail at the regional and multi-state level to ramping up and heading one of the biggest Sports Nutrition ditributors in West India, to gradually making his way to being in charge of product and brand at Bright Nutrition, India's largest Sports Nutrition importer.  This experience, coupled with the path-breaking work currently at Crash Boom Bang, is a win-win situation for nutrition brands that wish to market digitally in India.  No other agency would understand this industry better!


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