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Why The Indian Health E-Commerce Nutritional Market is Booming and is Only Destined For Future Growth
Published by Jay Sitlani on Oct 17, 2019 in Global Reports

There has been a huge change in the way people buy their nutritional supplements in the past few years. The shift from buying from ‘brick and mortar’ to buying ‘online’ has been huge and the Indian audience has seem to accepted this change whole heartedly... 

Does CBD Make You Sleepy?
Published by Hemp Bombs on Oct 15, 2019 in General

Sometimes it feels like the more tired you get, the harder it is to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, the natural health market is growing with more ways to help you achieve a deeper rest each night. One such product helping people around the world is CBD, or Cannabidiol. If you’ve never tried this natural compound, you may be wondering “does CBD make you sleepy?”

Why You Need a China Digital Marketing Plan Before Having A Customer
Published by Yawen "Zora" Luan on Oct 14, 2019 in General

I am always asked the question by brand owners and marketers: Why should we invest in digital marketing in China when we don’t have a distributor? 
The analogy I usually give is:  You might not want to invest in Facebook Ads without setting up an eCommerce store or having a sales channel that carries your product. But you do want to have a website set up before going to meetings with Vitamin Shoppe, GNC or Setting up your WeChat and Weibo accounts serves the same purpose in China...

The Latest Prop 65 Threat: What You Need to Know
Published by Rick Collins on Oct 11, 2019 in Regulatory, Compliance and Law

When companies think of legal jeopardy in the dietary supplement space, they typically think of government regulators. They may have in their mind a Warning Letter from FDA regarding certain ingredients or from FTC regarding claims that allegedly lack substantiation or purport to treat a disease. Or they may envision a threatening letter from a plaintiffs’ injury or class action lawyer...

Welcome to Sportika360
Published by Richard K. White Jr. on Oct 10, 2019

This website has been in the making for over 28 years.  It is the work and passion of every employee and friend that has passed through our doors since our very first days as a company.  In an effort to adjust to the current business climate, we took a step back, looked at ourselves and asked, how can we adjust the business?  We also asked several long-time, customers, vendors and friends the same question.

If you are a brand owner or supplier and are interested in getting listed with SPORTIKA360 please click here.